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About CAPE

Big Walnut Community Advocates for Public Education

Our Values

Respectful - Valuing differences of opinion and allowing others to express themselves in order to communicate and learn while expecting the same in return

Informed - Working to seek out the facts of a situation before developing a decision or judgment

Proactive - Actively seeking opportunities to contribute to the continuous improvement of the Big Walnut Local School District and its service to students and the community

Open-minded - Welcoming new ideas, arguments, and information that may typically not align with current thought but are necessary to think critically and rationally

Forward-thinking - Focusing on the future so that actions can have the most positive long-term impact

Our Story
In times of uncertainty and contention it is often easy to lose sight of what is truly important.  The Big Walnut Community Advocates for Public Education (CAPE) came about as a mechanism to gather people together who were united in their belief that public education is foundational for a strong and welcoming community and deserves our focus and energy.  Public education is responsible for educating every child in the community to the best of its ability. The people who carry out that service by creating a stimulating, supportive, and healthy environment for learning deserve to be respected and supported in their varied and difficult tasks. Through a highly organized and inclusive process of planning, CAPE developed a mission and values that we strive to uphold in our words and actions with the goal that public education in the Big Walnut school district continues to be an institution that serves all students well and brings enjoyment and pride to our entire community.


Barb Shelby

Board Member, President

Linda Wagner

Board Member

Mary Pizano

Board Member, Secretary/Treasurer

LeAnne Carr

Board Member

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